Equipment tlc

Sometimes your pottery wheels and equipment need some tender, loving care.

Check out our tech support videos for more info! 

brent equipment TLC

6. Brent Wheel:

Packing for Repairs

7. Brent Wheel:

Sum of Its Parts

8. Brent Wheel:

Foot Pedal Adjustments

9. Brent Wheel:


Black Toggle Box

10. Brent Wheel:


Silver Face Controller


5. Excel Kiln:

Replacing the Thermocouple

1. Brent Wheel:

Foot Pedal Speed

Control Adjustment

2. Brent Wheel:

Noise Diagnostics

3. Brent Wheel:

Choosing a Belt

4. Brent Wheel:

Replacing the Drive Belt

brent wheel documents

Brent Wheel Manual

Brent Wheel Comparison Chart

Brent Wheel  Warrant Info

Brent Wheel Replacement Guide

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brent extruder

This video features a quick demonstration of how to mount and assemble the NEW brent Extruder HD and highlights a few of its features!


brent clay cart


This video details how to properly install a caster on your Brent ware carts, bat mobiles, and other devices that use casters.