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About Us

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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

AMACO was founded in 1919 on the belief that great art materials inspire great artists. In 1921, we published our first set of lesson plans for distribution to educators across the USA. 

To continue this legacy, we provide quality materials, videos, and lesson plans that educators around the world can utilize to teach ceramics. 

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Our Story

In 2017, we launched AMACO Classroom, a site dedicated to educators and the many educational resources we cultivated through the years.

AMACO Classroom teamed up with Kathy Skaggs to create an all-encompassing resource for ceramic educators! From Ceramics One to Advanced, you get unlimited and free access to support materials crucial to a ceramic classroom. These materials include videos on clay recycling , FAQs on clay, and much more. AMACO Classroom is constantly updating, adding more resources to make your job easier!

Our Story

Meet kathy skaggs

Kathy is a teacher with 30 years of experience in K-12 Art Education. She earned her MFA in ceramics from the University of Florida and a Masters in Education from RISD. 

Meet Kathy
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